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For more than a decade Pepper Design have been representing the world’s leading brands of kitchens, appliances and furniture. With the launch of its new, state-of-the-art 3-level showroom in Church Street Richmond, Pepper Design was in need of a new brand and strategy. One of the core values of Pepper Design is their ability to customise a living space for their clients, ensuring the finished space is always functional and a pleasure to experience. Aer Design's brand solution drew inspiration from this key idea of 'custom design'. The customised typography and icon used within the brandmark personify this brand value. The subtle tweaks made to each shape reflect the attention to detail and customisation of Pepper Design. The unique 'plus' represents the idea of added value, as Pepper Design tailors each project and collaborates with their clients and brands. The use of the strapline 'Kitchens Interiors Life' was created to represent the brand's key principle of designing real spaces for 'life'.